3 Week Complete Detox Kit

Why Detox?



We keep ourselves clean on the outside, but how many of us clean the inside? We clean our cars and homes regularly (Imagine what your house would smell like if you didn’t empty your rubbish?!)… so why do we not clean our bodies?
For many of us, living in today’s society, with poor diets, environmental pollutants and often a sedentary lifestyle, means that as a result, a build up of toxins overload our bodies causing many illnesses and imbalances. If left unchecked, over time this build-up can lead to major health problems. A healthy elimination system is vital and regular cleansing of our major elimination organs (colon, liver & gallbladder, kidneys & skin) is the first step to obtaining and maintaining good health.

Toxic Overload?

A build-up of toxins can overwhelm even the strongest body, resulting in:
Allergies, Depression, Indigestion, Parasites, Bad Breath, Fatigue, Insomnia, Sinus congestion, Candida, Headaches, Lethargy, Skin conditions, Constipation, Hormone problems, Obesity, Stress.
Whether you suffer from any of the above complaints, or simply wish to clean out your system every few months, the following kit can help.
The 3 Week Complete Detox Kit contains:
  • 50ml Detoxification Formula
  • 150g Bentonite Clay Powder Formula
  • 60 Aloe & Cascara capsules
  • 100g Detox Herb Tea
  • Full instructions & useful cleansing information

The 3 Week Complete Detox Kit – £39

*If ordering from outside of the UK – Please get in touch by email to calculate postage and delivery costs**