Corn Silk Tea

Here’s a little video taster from my Online Kitchen Medicine course. ‘Cure’s from your Kitchen Cupboards, Better Health at your Fingertips’. The course contains not only valuable information on 25 different herbs and spices found in your Kitchen but also 16 different videos showing you various herbal preparations. In this video, we learnt to make a …
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The Joys of using Herbs at Home

Have you ever wanted to be more in control of yours and your family’s health?  Would you prefer to look after yourself and your family in a more natural way, rather than having to use conventional medicinal drugs, which for many is the only option? Herbal Medicine is the oldest form of medicine known to …
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The heat in chillies comes from chemicals called Capsinoids (primarily Capsaicin) of which there are different types, which is why heat from different chillies is felt in different parts of the mouth. Contrary to popular belief, the capsaicin is not contained in the seeds, but in the placenta, which is the fleshy strip inside the …
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