4 Week Health & Happiness Reset


So many people in this world right now are Sick, Stressed and/or Not Happy with their life… whether they know it or not.  Stress, bad diet, lifestyle, how and what we think or feel … ALL affects our physical health.


We’re programmed to ‘pop a pill’ looking for a ‘quick fix’, thinking that it will make it all go away.


However, one pill might look like it makes everything better, but often it leads to different symptoms, so we take another pill to try to counter balance that .. and it goes on .. like a viscous circle – all the while the underlying cause is still there.  I’ve seen it happen even with my own family and friends.


We’re NOT taught that EVERYTHING we experience and do to ourselves and our bodies, has a direct impact on our physical, mental and emotional health… but we’re rarely given a ‘Whole’-istic look at how to help ourselves get well.  After all, we are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Beings.

My mission, as a Master Herbalist & Wholistic Health Coach for the past 28 years, has always been to teach people to understand themselves better – to empower them to take charge of their own health and their lives instead of giving their power away.


We’re all unique, powerful physical and spiritual Beings, but many of us have forgotten that.  The body has it’s own unique ability to heal… if only we would understand and allow that.


So.. from my knowledge and experience with patients in my clinic over the past couple of decades, I’ve put together a unique programme.

It’s called the ‘4 Week Health & Happiness Reset’ Coaching Program.

This is where you’ll learn:

Week 1 – ‘Understanding Your Genetic Make-up’


  • how your body works
  • what’s personal to you
  • how to understand it better and learn to fix and maintain it.


Week 2 – ‘Feeding Your Inner Fire’  


  • what you eat and drink and how it impacts your physical body.
  • the importance of regular cleansing and detoxing the body and how to do that.
  • helpful nutritional advice for optimum health


Week 3 – ‘Empowering Your Emotions’


  • your emotions and thoughts as’ learned behaviour’ and their link to past traumas and experiences
  • ways to change those thought patterns to create better health and happiness
  • techniques to clear emotional blockages stuck in the body


Week 4 – ‘Thinking Outside the Box’    


  • how your wider world (home, environment, relationships, job …) affects you directly
  • how to create more clarity, and peace in your mind and body
  • space clearing techniques to allow more energy flow and happiness in your life



These sessions are NOT for those who –

  • Wish to stay a victim to their health and circumstances
  • Are not willing to take responsibility for their health and happiness
  • That want to stay with a ‘quick fix’, just because it’s easier


However, if you’re willing and want to:


  • Be empowered and learn how to take control of your health and happiness
  • Are willing to make changes to lead a better quality of life and well being


Then please join me.


These are Individual 1-2-1- Online sessions and places are limited.  (There is only one of me and I wish to help you in the best way I can).



You’ll also get heaps of Personal Coaching and useful handouts, videos and information to help get you back to optimum health!


I’m offering these personal 1-2-1 sessions for a limited time at a special introductory price … Your investment for the 4 weeks is just £240.



I look forward to coaching you into a healthier and happier YOU !