Corn Silk Tea

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Here’s a little video taster from my Online Kitchen Medicine course. ‘Cure’s from your Kitchen Cupboards, Better Health at your Fingertips’. The course contains not only valuable information on 25 different herbs and spices found in your Kitchen but also 16 different videos showing you various herbal preparations.

In this video, we learnt to make a simple Corn Silk Tea.  Most people, if they are given an ear of corn will peel it and remove not just the leaves but the little threads which cover it and stick out the top to reveal corn cob, which they cook and eat. Those little golden threads have very valuable medicinal properties as a urinary antiseptic and supportive to both the kidneys and the urinary system. You can use a simple tea from corn silks to help alleviate problems like cystitis and other urinary tract infections.

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Melanie is a Master Herbalist and a Wholistic Health Coach. Melanie’s aim is to empower her clients to reclaim their own ability to heal themselves. She offers both individual sessions as well as complete personal programmes, with guidance and natural remedies, to bring about transformation and harmony on all levels. Melanie runs seasonal experiential ‘Herbcraft’ Masterclasses and is available for talks and workshops. She is author of ‘Herbcraft’– an accredited professional diploma and offers both home study and online courses.


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