Ginger: Zingiber officinale

ginger pic

Ginger root is an old and time tested remedy for many common complaints. The Romans prized it as a precious commodity!

The major active ingredient in ginger is Gingerol. It is a warming herb and therefore very useful in my Winter Elixir which is a staple in the cold and flu season. It can be eaten fresh or dried, made into tea or used in cooking. It has been well researched and has many traditional and modern uses.

We should note that Ginger is safe for use during and after pregnancy.

Main Benefits include:

Anti-nausea (particularly nausea caused by chemotherapy treatment)
Settles digestion and soothes the digestive tract
Decongestant: Clears phlegm in lungs and throat
Promotes sweating so good for colds, flu and viral infections
Mild pain relief: particularly for menstrual and digestive cramps
• Can help maintain mental alertness as a circulatory stimulant, especially for the brain
Increases blood circulation and is milder than chillies


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