Metaphysical Pathology

 Metaphysical Pathology

(CPD Day #2)

   3rd September 2017  

Ickleton Village Hall, Ickleton, Cambs, CB10 1SL 

10am – 4pm


What is Metaphysical Pathology?

* The role of our thoughts and emotions in our physical health

* How to integrate this concept into your practice

* Discussion on the roots of specific disease

* Metaphysical techniques to aid the healing process

Metaphysical Pathology is a phrase used to understand the theory and science that ALL dis-ease within the body stems from ones emotions and how we feel.

Quantum physics has now taken this theory on board and started studying its effects but the ancients have understood this idea for millennia.

This model of health and disease works on the pretext that by shifting our consciousness and removing blockages in our energy field, we can heal serious emotional and physical dis-ease.

Open to everyone

Compulsory for year 3 Advanced Herbcraft Diploma students

£85 for the day, including a delicious home made vegetarian lunch and handouts.

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