Plant Chemistry & Pharmacology

Plant Chemistry & Pharmacology

(CPD Day #3)

26th November 2017

Ickleton Village Hall, Ickleton, Cambs, CB10 1SL 

10am – 4pm



What is Plant Chemistry & Pharmacology?


* Understanding how plants work and how that chemistry affects the body

* A closer look at phytochemicals within many plants for use in herbal medicine

* Making herbal preparations, including formula blends for specific disease


Plant (Phyto) Chemistry can be considered a sub-field of Botany and Chemistry.

Pharmacology is the study of drugs, both chemical and natural – their composition (chemical constituents), uses, dosages, interactions, effects and how they work in the body.

We also cover Pharmacognosy, which is the branch of pharmacology that deals with drugs in their crude or natural state- specifically medicinal herbs.

Open to everyone

Compulsory for year 3 advanced diploma students

£85 for the day, including a delicious home made vegetarian lunch and handouts.


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