The Art of Living Well Course 2024

A series of 6  Workshops exploring ways to improve your Health, Relationships, Stresses and Life in general using the Element Code Formula for Quantum Well Being and Self Mastery.

Each month we work with a particular aspect of your Being using ancient and modern tools and techniques … to identify and reach goals, simplify and elevate your life, release fears and whatever is holding you back, address health issues … and help you realise your true potential and become the Powerful Creator you truly are!

If you are stressed or unhappy with your life – and wish you had a better grip on things – come and learn key tools to help you Transform and Live the Life You Want!

Self Empowerment & Self Mastery with The Element Code

Dates for 2024:

Module 1 – Introduction: ‘Element Code Formula’ – Sunday July 28th 2024

Focusing on What is the Element Code?, an introduction and overview of the course and some goal setting exercises to set you up for the following five modules.  

Module 2 – Earth: ‘Discovering your Genetic Make up’ – Sunday August 25th 2024

This module looks at your physical body through the Earth element.  You’ll understand your genes, your strengths and weaknesses, and find out your own Personal Medicine using Iridology and Biochemical Alchemy.

Module 3 – Air: ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ – Sunday September 22nd 2024

This month’s focus is on your Ecological environment and the Air element.  We’ll explore ways to de-clutter and clear space (physically and mentally) using tools like Feng Shui and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  Clarity is the key which helps bring in new opportunities and shift perspectives. 

Module 4 – Fire: ‘Feeding your Inner Fire’ – Sunday October 20th 2024

You are what you eat!  Our focus in this module is the physical body and how to nourish it.  You’ll discover the importance of good nutrition, detoxification, Kitchen Pharmacy ~ all tools to create the best fuel for your physical vehicle and re-igniting the passion within you!

Module 5 – Water: ‘Empowering your Emotions’ – Sunday November 17th 2024

Your emotions and how you feel play a vital part in your overall well being.  Working with the Water element, you’ll explore vibration and frequency through your Emotional Guidance System, release fears that may be holding you back using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and tap into your own inner guidance through Meridian Therapy and dowsing.

Module 6 – Spirit: ‘Reconnecting to your Divine Essence’ – Sunday December 15th 2024

‘We are spiritual beings having a physical human experience’.  This important aspect is often overlooked as we live in a 3D reality.  However, I feel it’s the most vital part of us, especially as humanity moves into a more Quantum 5D world.  You’ll discover how to re-connect to your Higher Self, work with healing, meditation and two of your energy systems – Chakras and Radiant Circuits to ignite your full potential!

Note:  All classes run from 1.00pm – 5.00pm and include a beautiful A4 colour workbook for each module, so you can record your progress through the Course.

Venue:  Clavering or Wicken Bonhunt, Essex, CB11 (Venue TBC)

Booking is necessary to reserve your space as places are limited to small classes.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email: or call: 07947 381520

£210 (in advance) for all six workshops   BOOK NOW!

OR £40 per workshop (payable in advance).  BOOK NOW for a single Module!

Why not come along for the Introduction … and begin your New Journey?

If you book for the introduction – and decide to attend and pay for all 6 classes, we can deduct the cost of Module 1 from the total.