My Story

In March of 1991, after 6 months of radiotherapy and my mother and I nursing him in his last few weeks at home, my father died of lung cancer.

I was 28 years old, a single mum of a beautiful 18 month old toddler but with no real direction in life or secure income. However, I had a desire to bring my daughter up the best way I could

       whilst helping my widowed mother out at her elderly residential home. Having been the ‘apple of my dad’s eye’ and him, being my ‘everything’, I now felt lost. Caring for someone you love and watching them suffer is a hard thing to do and like most, the NHS and conventional medicine was all I knew. During his stay in the hospital, my father had received aromatherapy treatment which I could see clearly benefited him and that sparked an interest in me, as an alternative to just the drugs available for healthcare. I became curious then, about natural ways to cure dis-ease and that curiosity has never left me.


My mother’s side of the family have always been connected to the aspect of spirit, life after death and communicating with the other world. I grew up with the belief in such things and therefore, six weeks after my father’s passing, my mum and I went to visit a local clairvoyant. Fortunately, my father came through and we enjoyed an hour’s communication with him via the medium. Several days later, a family friend who was also clairvoyant visited, and feeling at a loss, I asked him for guidance from the spirit world. Through his spirit guide I was given the message that I was to be a ‘Herbal Doctor’. Afterwards, he put me in touch with Jill Davies- a Herbalist in Norfolk. With my trust in the message I had received, I sold my car to fund my first weekend workshop a month later … and I was hooked! Excited too!

A whole new world of ‘natural health’ possibilities opened up for me, alongside a reconnection to Nature. I knew then I could make a difference to others, especially by example and in the process honour the spirit of my father, as I felt he’d have been proud of me for taking this path in life.

I embraced the teachings of profound herbalists and naturopaths like Dr John Ray Christopher, Dr Bernard Jensen and Dr Richard Schulze, while studying with my teacher, who was herself, a student of the same naturopathic philosophy. We were asked to ‘walk our talk’ and become ‘Living Herbalists’ and Healers. Already a vegetarian, I adjusted my life to live that way too – focussing on ‘preventative measures’ to stay healthy whilst nurturing my burning desire to learn ways to help those who were sick. After my five year apprenticeship, I went on to teach alongside my tutor, as well as run the pharmacy and assist in her clinic.

Along my path and travels, I was fortunate to have learned and discovered many other techniques to heal and balance the body and mind and to empower the spirit. Different methods of healing including Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Reconnective Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, massage, crystal therapy, meditation, creative visualisation, positive affirmations, iridology, nutrition, raw food, energy medicine .. and of course, my herbs. I totally grew to understand that healing takes place on all levels, mind, body and spirit and use these techniques for my own well being and that of my daughter, as well as in my clinic over the past 20 years. My journey also introduced me to honouring the spiritual side of Nature and her gifts through Druidry, with celebrating the seasons and the magic that it brings.

My journey has had its ups and downs, like most people – but everything has been a lesson and a powerful life experience. Discovering my passion for well being on all levels has helped me create the life and health I have now.