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These sessions are NOT for those who –

  • Wish to stay a victim to their health and circumstances
  • Are not willing to take responsibility for their health and happiness
  • That want to stay with a ‘quick fix’, just because it’s easier


However, if you’re willing and want to:


  • Be empowered and learn how to take control of your health and happiness
  • Are willing to make changes to lead a better quality of life and well being


4 Week Health & Happiness Reset


So many people in this world right now are Sick… whether they know it or not.  Stress, bad diet, lifestyle, how and what we think or feel … ALL affects our physical health.

My mission, as a Master Herbalist & Wholistic Health Coach for the past 25 years, has always been to teach people to understand themselves better – to empower them to take charge of their own health and their lives instead of giving their power away.

Week 1 – ‘Understanding Your Genetic Make-up’

Week 2 – ‘Feeding Your Inner Fire’

Week 3 – ‘Empowering Your Emotions’

Week 4 – ‘Thinking Outside the Box’