Detox Yourself – 3 Week Full Detox


Poo Pills – Strong (60)

Detox You (55ml)

Detox You Tea (100g)

Colon Clay (150g)

The Green Stuff (1 Week)

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A complete herbal  3-week Detox Kit to cleanse and revitalise your whole body.

It detoxes the following organs: the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and urinary system, colon, bloodstream and lymphatic system.

This is a perfect way to embark on a natural healing journey with your health.

Melanie’s Advice:  “I  recommend detoxing yourself every 6-12 months to maintain optimum health and feel the best you can. I have found that cleansing the body can promote a better eating regime  and kickstart weight loss.”

For more information and detox tips, click HERE


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