Herbcraft ™ Homestudy Course



Although it is set out from January to December, you can start at any time of the year and ideally work through the following twelve months at your own pace.

There is a certificate of completion, upon request, once all coursework has been assessed.

The Course covers:

* Basic Anatomy & Physiology
* Common complaints relating to the major body systems
* How to recognise over 85 different medicinal plants and trees
* Herbs, nutrition and natural healing methods
* Kitchen pharmacy & basic herbal preparations
* Herbal first aid
* Ways of honoring the seasonal festivals
* Gain insight into other alternative therapies for a wholistic approach

Course Box Contents:

* Twelve monthly Study Guides and a Companion Course Guide
* Two Diagnostic Aids: Five Elements Diagnostic Chart and Iridology
* Twelve monthly A5 full-colour easy reference cards
* Contraindications and concise reference guide for herbs covered
* ‘Virtual’ Herb Walk practical DVD
* Compact Wild Food and Wild Flower Identification books
* Herbal samples


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