Natural Defence Kit


Echinacea (55ml)

Chest Syrup (55ml)

Red Zinger Tea (100g)

The Green Stuff (1 Week)

Breathe Easy Chest Balm  (60g)


A complete kit to keep You and your Family’s immune system healthy against viruses and other seasonal conditions.

Kit contains: Two delicious medicinal herbal teas to support both the immune system and lungs/respiratory system; a tasty Cough syrup blended for both children and adults alike and a vital bottle of Echinacea- a herb renowned for it’s antiviral, antibacterial and immune boosting qualities. Also includes a week’s supply of The Green Stuff, my powerful nutritional concentrate to feed your body the right nutrition needed to maintain good health.

Melanie’s Advice:  “My Natural Defence Kit is fabulous for defending against and dealing with seasonal coughs, colds and sniffles.”

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