Emotional Freedom Technique

‘‘the cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system’’ – Gary Craig




Energy ‘meridian’ healing originated in the east and has been documented as far back as 5000 years in ancient Ayurvedic Indian texts, however it is a relatively new technique in the west.  Chinese acupuncture also utilises these energy ‘channels’ to promote well being within the major organs and systems of the body. 
Meridians are channels or pathways, which form a continuous network through the body via which vital energy or ‘life force’ travels – known as ‘Chi’ in oriental medicine and ‘Prana’ in Ayurveda.  There are 14 main meridians in the human body, associated with the major internal organs and it is 12 of these channels we work with in Emotional Freedom Technique, by applying gentle finger pressure or tapping at certain points. When the body meridians are free-flowing and balanced, we are also assured of balanced and healthy emotional and physical responses.
I was introduced to this very effective method of ‘tapping away’ your emotional baggage to aid the healing process, about 12 years ago and have used it in my clinic since with fantastic results.  It is so simple and works with the body’s energy meridians much like acupuncture, without needles, to literally dissolve away emotional blockages caused by trauma to allow the energy to flow once again, and bringing the body back into well being.  It is a very useful technique to reduce stress and anxiety, pain, trauma, panic attacks, overcoming personal blockages and limitations and offers relief almost immediately.