Reconnective Healing

Aptly named, The Reconnection® literally reconnects you through a process of exchange of energy, light and information between the universal energy grid and the meridian lines in your body. 
The Reconnective Healing Spectrum works with timeless frequencies of energy, light and information. Shifting you to a higher level of conciousness, it enables you to come back into balance on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. 
Producing consistent research results that have astounded scientists, these incredible frequencies stay with you long after your session.


If your looking for
* more energy or balance
* more clarity, focus and creativity
* more confidence and self worth
* a greater sense of well being
* an entry point to your true purpose
In essence, The Reconnection® opens you up to the “blueprint of your soul” and supports you in increasing your intuition, accelerating your spiritual growth and shifting and expanding your conciousness. Experience for yourself what is a profound and for many- a life changing experience.